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Miami Dolphins New York Jets Preview

The Miami Dolphins look to continue their hot offensive streak against the New York Jets.

In the words of WWE's Vince McMahon, "Let's Get Ready to Rumbleeee. . ." Maybe one letter too many, but you get the gist.

This is the 1st of our seasonal two contests vs our coastal and divsional rivals, the New York Jets. So many NFL memories here like, (i.e.) classic Ken O'Brien vs Dan Marino. If O'Brien's career was against our 'Phins, he would be a HOF inductee because most of those games were scoring shootouts.The Nat Moore "helicopter hit." Cameron Wake's hit on Geno Smith . . . before the locker room knockout. Everything seems in our favor, at least on paper.

However, football isn't played on paper. Let's preview a few scenarios: -Rushing Offense vs. Jets Rushing Defense: History is at stake this Sunday when these two meet for the 102nd time. The Jets are currently one of the highest-ranked teams against the run this season. They held Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell and Bills RB LeSean McCoy to ordinary games.

Dolphins RB Jay Ajayi has the opportunity to become the 1st NFL RB to have 3 consecutive 200-yard games. It's a classic immovable vs. unstoppable scenario. Only one can win; -Race to Respected: The Dolphins have a chance to come out of their month home at Hard Rock Stadium at .500 record at 4-4.The Jets would get closer to .500 at 4-5. Meanwhile, both are chasing more than respectable as both seek to end playoff droughts; -The Revis Island Tour: The Jets' secondary is one of the worst in the league. Especially Darrelle Revis. Revis Island has been become crowded lately, as average WRs are having almost-career days against him.

The receiving corps, led by Kenny Stills and Jakeem Grant, should have a field day against one of the lowest-ranking secondaries in the league; I predict the Dolphins will win the Race to Respectable by a score of 21-17, with a last-minute touchdown. QB Ryan Tannehill will have about 230 yards, with equal distribution to Stills and Landry. Ajayi will barely break 200 yards, but enough to break the record and become the NFL's 1st consecutive 3-game rusher @ over 200 yards a game.


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