Steve Mitchell

Kenyan Drake: Miami Dolphins MVP

Miami Dolphins ST ace Kenyan Drake saved the game with a late 4th quarter TD against the New York Jets.

Yes, I have already written an article talking about Kenyan Drake, in fact I have mentioned him a few times. But, if after this Sunday and witnessing his 96 yard kick return touchdown to help the Miami Dolphins retake the lead you think I will not talk about him again?

Then think about it one more time because here it comes. Kenyan Drake absolutely destroyed this game. Of course the rising star Jay Ajayi, I have written about him too, was an unforgettable tool that was used in all his abilities but watching Drake run ball down to the wire made me jump off my couch and scream. I remember when we were winning at 20 and the New York Jets had 16, my first thoughts were shock that we were winning, after weeks of what felt like disaster this was hope. But, then we were down by a measly 3 points, it seems small but when you love your team so much it really hurts. After that, however, ran out Drake and he was gone and nobody could catch up to him.

The play was amazing and I have already talked about Drake's speed but to see it in action with full-force was beautiful. After a game like this I would gladly lay out the red carpet for Drake if we ever crossed paths. I am in awe of what he did to win the game, and I am so proud of our other team members who made that play possible. I want to say good job Kenyan. You deserve a round of applause.



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