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Miami Dolphins Los Angeles Rams Preview

Can the Miami Dolphins make it five in a row on the road against Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams?

Bright lights, big city . . . hmmm. . . and the Miami Dolphins are not at home. This week, we are road warriors in Los Angeles, not of the Mad Max variety. This is a special week for the Los Angeles Rams, commencing the Jared Goff era in the perpetual 7-9 Jeff Fisher regime. We have rarely looked in a better position to end our current playoff drought. Once upon a time earlier this season, the emerging star RB Jay Ajayi, a healthy front five, and an improving QB Ryan Tannehill became cosmically aligned to . . . too melodramatic. In short, it's week 11. Our darling schedule gives us an opportunity to climb the ranks from wild-card to playoff contention.

The football gods have softened most of our remaining schedule. All we have to do is take advantage of our own playoff destiny. I'm excited about this week; let's go.

The Dolphins rank approximately 20th in both offense and defense, as per MSN. The Rams are a study in contrast. Defensively, the Rams ranks in the NFL's top 10 per a FOX Sports article, 7th in total yards allowed and 10th in points allowed per game at 19. Forgive me if I don't add numbers post-decimal. I've never seen a team score 1/3 of a point. Offensively, the Rams are last in the league in point scored per game. Their loss last week was the Rams' 3rd game this season without a TD. Enter Goff, after the benching of Case Keenum. The once-feared Rams RB Todd Gurley is ranked thirty-something.

Between the RBs:  "Cold hard" fantasy fact. RB Jay Ajayi is ranked 6th in the league with 725 yards, aprx. 210 yards ahead more than Gurley. Ajayi is on pace to have a 1,000-yard season. His price is rising;

A New QB: The Rams paid a king's ransom for QB Jared Goff. He finally starts this week against an evolving secondary, not to mention a front seven led by DT Ndamukong Suh and friends;

Fluke or streak?: QB Ryan Tannehill has played better football in the past four game re: better decisions and NO interceptions;

Vegas Trap?: We are favored by 2 points. This appears to be a legitimate game. However, those 2 points were earlier in the week. Don't be surprised if the spread is 3 or 4 by this afternoon's game time at 4pm;

I'm picking the win and a covered spread. Dolphins win 23-6. Go 'Phins!!

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