Kirby Lee

The 'New' Miami Dolphins Find Ways to Win

The Miami Dolphins continue to win. Do the new-look Dolphins have what it takes to win in December to earn the right to play in January?

I'll admit it, I said it was over. 

More than once. 

I though the red-hot Miami Dolphins had finally come back down from Earth. They were going to completely fizzle out and lose the less than stellar (4-5, and now 4-6) Los Angeles Rams. The Dolphins were going to get embarrassed to rookie QB Jared Goff in his first ever NFL start. At home. 

But just like the fact that it was raining in Los Angeles, the Miami Dolphins did something odd. 

After being utterly dominated for over 57 minutes of the game, they found a way to claw back into the game and win it late. Who led the charge? Ryan Tannehill.

The so-called "game manager." In fact, there were even Dolphins fans (mainly on Twitter, follow Dolphins Report @DolphinsOnscout) that were calling for Ryan Tannehill's head. He absolutely struggled early, overthrowing DeVante Parker on a deep ball after Kiko Alonso forced the lone Rams turnover of the game. 

They wanted Matt Moore! The season was over. Same old Dolphins. 

While I never gave up on Tannehill yesterday (he is actually having his best season, and there is no better option regardless), I must admit I gave up on this team. This was the Joe Philbin-era Dolphins. They were done. The defense had played surprisingly well, Goff and the Rams were driving up 10 in the fourth, and it was a matter of time before the Dolphins bowed. 

And then they didn't. Granted, they got a little help from one of the worst coaching decisions we've seen this year courtesy of Jeff Fisher. But then a missed field goal from Greg Zuerlein, and the Dolphins had life. 

That's when Ryan Tannehill stepped up and took control of the offense on not one, but two touchdown scoring drives. Both that heavily featured first round pick DeVante Parker. Tannehill marched down the field, very much like a former Dolphins QB that wore number 13 used to do. 

Dart after dart, good decision after good decision, Tannehill and a makeshift Offensive Line simply wanted to win more than the Los Angeles Rams in the final 6 minutes. The final drive could have been straight out of a Hollywood movie, just a few miles away. Tannehill trots on the field. Calm. Poised, but with the right amount of energy and urgency. He made smart throws. He made perfect throws. He showed chemistry with his receivers, and never forced anything. 

He literally grew right in front our eyes. Then, with the game on the line, he delivered a perfect ball to DeVante Parker, on a short out in the end zone. Simple, yet the perfect play. 

The Dolphins celebrated, and fans watching at home cheered, smiled, or stood mouths agape. 

What just happened? The Dolphins always blow that game. There's no way they took it to a defense that dominate them for 55 minutes. 

And yet behind the magic duo that has become Adam Gase and Ryan Tannehill, they did. The Miami Dolphins of 2009 - Week 5, 2016 are gone. 

Welcome to the new (and currently 6-4 and playoff racing) Miami Dolphins. 


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