Kirby Lee

Miami Dolphins MVP Vs. Rams: Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill receives the MVP award for the Miami Dolphins against the Los Angeles Rams this week.

Last Sunday, the Miami Dolphins faced off against the Los Angeles Rams and won 14-10. This week Ryan Tannehill was a serious asset to the team pulling through and continuing with their winning streak.

The score did not go up and passed the 20’s like it has for the two weeks that the Miami Dolphins were proving their firepower on the field, but it is the third week in a row that the Dolphins have won a game by a pretty decent margin.

That is all because Ryan Tannehill managed to complete passes over 5-yards to ensure that his teammates could make successful touchdowns. Long ago, it was as if Tannehill was part of the team but he did not engage with the team he was on, this season with Adam Game as HC I have seen a large change in the QB. He has a stronger connection with his old teammates and has formed an understanding with his new ones.

This can be seen because his teammates are following his lead to the mark and Tannehill gets the ball for the most part right in the pocket. That kind of work this game was clearly seen between Tannehill and one my personal favorites this season Jay Ajayi.

I was happy to see that the two of them work so well together. Perhaps it is his personal life since he is a new father and Gase had nothing to do with it, maybe it is a combination of both.

But, something in Tannehill has changed and he is all in once again to take the Dolphins as far as they can go.

Frankly, I never had a doubt.



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