Brad Penner

Miami Dolphins Week 15 MVP: Walt Aikens

Walt Aikens is the MVP this week following his special teams performance for the Miami Dolphins over the New York Jets,

This Sunday the Miami Dolphins blew the New York Jets out of the water for the second time this season, it was amazing.

This week it was very easy for me to choose the MVP. End of the first quarter is always too early to call a game but the Jets were ahead by 7 points at this time. They seemed to be confident and sure of themselves but by the time it started up again, special teams ace Walt Aikens got his head in the game and made a game-changing play.

He ran through the scrimmage, blocked the punt, and landed his first NFL touchdown getting the team to rev their engines and start pushing themselves to the limit and boosting our score to 13 by half and winning it at 34 in the 4th. My choice not only because of his touchdown but also because of his determination, he saw an opportunity and went for it and kept going.

That is what I admire in a player, a person that does not always think about his moves and talks himself out of a play is not ready for the NFL. Aikens is a guy that does what feels right and what makes sense in the moment, maybe it will not work out but then maybe it will. Aikens found out on Sunday that he had luck on his side.

Also, it was good to see Aikens, arms stretched out wide and excited, having just scored his first NFL touchdown. You could see the happiness Aikens was feeling and I felt it too. He impressed me because I had not noticed him much before this but maybe I have to take a closer look at him and what he does on the field. He did a good job to get the team's foot through that winning door and I have to say I am really happy he did. Congrats Walt Aikens.


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