The make-up of the Dolphins' 53-man roster seemed pretty well established for the most part before Sunday's final roster moves. But there still were a few things that were surprising as the Dolphins made their last 14 moves.

Perhaps the most surprising of all was the decision to keep only cornerbacks on the roster after Alphonso Roundtree, Omare Lowe and Korey Banks all were waived on Sunday.

It had been thought all along that one of those three players would be kept as the fifth cornerback behind Patrick Surtain, Sam Madison, Jamar Fletcher and Terrell Buckley.

Maybe the Dolphins are planning on bringing in a new cornerback after scanning the waiver wire, or maybe they'll just stay with four to go along with their five safeties.

The decision to cut Robert Edwards and keep Leonard Henry also could be seen as somewhat of a surprise because Edwards really came on toward the latter part of the preseason.

There had been talk that a couple of teams talked to the Dolphins about a trade for Edwards, but that never materialized.

Henry's advantage over Edwards, other than the obvious injury factor, is that he probably is better on special teams.

Then there was the decision to put Oronde Gadsden on injured reserve, which means he can't play for the Dolphins this season.

That basically came down to the Dolphins and Gadsden not being able to work out an injury settlement, which shouldn't have been surprising the difficult negotiations involving the wide receiver this offseason.

Look for Gadsden to be waived off IR once he's healthy enough to play.

Outside of that, everything was pretty well set. The decision to go with nine offensive linemen shouldn't be surprising because Billy Yates deserved a spot and the Dolphins weren't going to cut a third-round pick (Taylor Whitley).

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