Miami Dolphins Playoff Plagued By Injuries

The Miami Dolphins' playoff run was cut short by injuries, and by lack of talent on the defensive side of the ball.

To anyone who is upset with the Miami Dolphins' first round loss in the playoffs to the Pittsburgh Steelers, I urge you look at the bigger picture. Gone are the days of Joe Philbin, who couldn't get someone excited about winning a billion dollars, let alone scheme X's and O's to save his life. 

Adam Gase is the perfect coach for this entire organization and will enjoy many successful seasons as the team's head coach barring any sort of future bad luck. For that, be happy. 

This playoff loss, while disappointing because the Dolphins did in fact have chances to keep the game close late or even win, was different than the loss the team experienced at the end of the 2008 season to the Ravens in Miami. That game, a talented Miami team lost to a team because it was out-schemed and just flat out destroyed. 

This year, the Miami Dolphins lost not because of coaching, nor because of a lack of effort. They lost for two basic reasons. They weren't at all close to being healthy at key positions, and they lacked the talent necessary at other positions.

Let's forget about not having Miami's two most important players on offense in Ryan Tannehill and Mike Pouncey. That should go without saying. 

Le'Veon Bell destroyed the Dolphins defense for 150+ rushing yards because the Dolphins simply didn't have the personnel to stop him at the linebacker position. Antonio Brown ran for two extremely easy TD's because the Dolphins lacked the right players in the secondary to stop him. 

Having Reshad JonesKoa Misi and Byron Maxwell certainly would have helped, and may have even resulted in a close Dolphins win. But having Jones and Maxwell back in 2017 (Misi will and should be cut), is not enough alone for Miami to compete in the playoffs next season. They need to draft 2 LB's to compliment Kiko Alonso, and need to add another safety to pair with Jones. Throw in another cornerback ready to step in and play immediately, and the Dolphins will be on the way to having what it takes on defense to compete. 

Unlike in 2009, when every team had figured out the Dolphins' Wildcat, Adam Gase is a better coach than Tony Sparano was and ever will be. With Gase, the Dolphins have the ability to shape-shift on offense, attacking opposing defenses where they are weakest, much like the New England Patriots do so well up North. 

The 2017 NFL Draft and Free Agency now become Miami's most important agenda items moving forward. While their play on the field has and will continue to improve under Gase, it is equally important that they find the missing pieces this off-season. The Dolphins find themselves in a position they haven't been in a while - in "win now" mode AND building for the future. 

With a healthy 2017 roster and Adam Gase at the helm, the future looks bright. 



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