kirby Lee

Miami Dolphins Could Land Veteran Cornerback

Now that the season has come to an end, could the Miami Dolphins try to land another big name corner back?

With off-season moves, which saw the Miami Dolphins cut players to open up cap room, Miami now has some extra money to sign a big-name veteran at the cornerback position, who would sure up what is already a great group of defensive players.

With the young talent the Dolphins have in Xavien Howard and Tony Lippett, it would be nice to have a veteran corner to offset Byron Maxwell.

Reports are coming out that possible suitors would be Denver’s Aqib Talib and Seattle’s Richard Sherman. Now, would either team let these two talented cornerbacks loose? I cannot see it, but stranger things have happened and the Dolphins would grab either one at any time.

Fingers crossed and stay tuned to the DolphinsReport to hear if one of these great players ends up in a Miami Dolphins jersey to start what will be another awesome season for the Fins.

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