Steve Mitchell

Miami Dolphins Stills Could Take Less Money

According to Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post, the Dolphins could land WR Kenny Stills for a lower price.

Joe Schad reported yesterday via the Palm Beach Post that Miami Dolphins WR Kenny Stills wants to stay in Miami.

He has been reported to be seeking in the $10-12 million dollars a year range, which is extremely high for the Dolphins third best receiver behind Jarvis Landry (who they still need to come to terms with) and DeVante Parker.

Schad reported yesterday that Stills may be open to coming back to Miami, a city in a state with no income tax and with sunny weather year round, for in the $8 million a year range.

If Stills is willing to go down to $8 million a year, the Dolphins have enough cap space to do that, find a guard or LB in free agency, and sign their upcoming rookie class.

If he insists on more money, the Dolphins would be wiser to find a cheaper replacement in FA, and let Stills go to another team.


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