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WATCH: Miami Dolphins Prospect OL Dan Feeney at the NFL Combine

Watch Miami Dolphins' OL prospect Dan Feeney speak at the 2017 NFL Combine.

Like Ethan PocicDan Feeney is a nasty offensive lineman that started on an extremely successful line in college. The Indiana Hoosiers product measures in at 6 feet 4 inches, 304 pounds and 33 inch arms. 

He is expected to be available sometime in the 3rd round, and the Miami Dolphins could choose to use their 97th overall compensatory pick (the highest awarded this off season) on Feeney in the 3rd round to shore up the offensive line. 

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Feeney was a four year starter in college and a team captain in two different seasons. describes him as "Tough guy with a banger mentality. Decent arm length for the position. Above-average pass protector on interior. Feet are light enough to slide quickly in either direction to protect the edge in pass-pro. Very aware of twists and blitzes. Shoots a strong punch that can jar gap shooters out of the gap and can put a sting into both twisters as he snaps and catches. Zone-blocking specialist with desired lateral quickness. Takes well-planned routes up to second-level targets on difficult backside cutoffs. Able to get around corner with pace when asked to long pull. Good patience. Finds his landmarks and strikes them. Rarely commits early to a block. Waits until he's in proper position. Plays with redirect power in his upper body. Will take it to the whistle and looks to finish with some menace. Effective blocker in screen game."

Feeney, like Pocic, would be a plug and play option for the Dolphins at right guard. 

Below, you can see Feeney speaking at this year's combine. He will compete today with the other offensive linemen. 

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