WATCH: Miami Dolphins Prospect Forrest Lamp at the NFL Combine

Forrest Lamp has been rising up big boards thanks to his versatility as a lineman. Could the Dolphins take him in the first or second round?

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers offensive lineman Forrest Lamp has been receiving high praise leading up to the NFL Draft, and for good reason. The four year starter is one of the more diverse linemen in the draft, and is actually projected to kick inside in the NFL. 

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That is exactly what the Miami Dolphins would ask Lamp to do, seeing that the team currently has both Guard positions open. According to NFL.com, the Western Kentucky product is described by an unnamed AFC Executive as "the real deal. If he can snap, you could get away with playing him all up and down the line. Great feet, strong, smart." (NFL.com)

Lamp, according to CBS Sports' draft rankings, is projected to be the 2nd OG taken in the NFL Draft, and is the 35th overall prospect, pitting him somewhere in the 2nd round. However, with a good combine, Lamp could easily rise up boards and be taken in the late first. 

The Miami Dolphins currently have the 22nd overall pick. Taking Lamp at 22nd overall may prove to be too high, but he is as close to a sure thing as there is in this draft, and would be a plug and play starter at one of the guard spots, as well as providing insurance at both tackle spots. That kind of value is hard to pass up on. 

Here is Lamp speaking at the Combine. 

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