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Miami Dolphins´ Free Agency: Proof of Culture Change

The Miami Dolphins have extended their change of culture to the off-season, adding key pieces at key positions for great value.

Let me begin by saying that the Miami Dolphins´ change of culture has extended into the off-season. Gone are the days on high spending on ´´star´´ players, only to find them falter under poor coaching and poor management. 

With Adam Gase, the Dolphins have completely reshaped how this franchise does everything. The Dolphins have made it a priority to take care of their own, paying veteran key components like Andre Branch and Kenny Stills. They also stayed realistic and did not budge on just how valuable they considered a player to be. We have seen that by their decision to let Dion Sims sign a new deal with the Chicago Bears and their re-structuring of Julius Thomas´ contract.

They have handled this Free Agency professionally, not releasign any information until the deals are done.

So far, the Dolphins have added depth through key players with distinct skill sets. They added William Hayes, whose ability to stop the run is as real as his disbelief in dinosaurs. They added the best run blocker who wasn´t an offensive lineman last season in Anthony Fasano, a double-digit vet who is living proof of the culture change in Miami.

Fasano, who was on the team the last team they made the playoffs before this past season (in 2008) said he rejoined the team because he believes it will contend for a Super Bowl. 

That big of a difference was made in one year under Adam Gase. Imagine what people could be saying in five years. Or ten. 

I will be the first to admit that I hated the addition of Mike Tannenbaum just a few seasons ago. I saw the regression the New York Jets made while he was with the team, and I believed he would bring that to Miami.

So far, I could not have been more wrong. The triumvirate that is GM Chris Grier, Mike Tannenbaum and Adam Gase has restored honor and dignity to an organization that seemed to be deteriorating from within just over a year ago. 

What the Miami Dolphins have done so far in Free Agency (and I highly doubt they are done yet) is leave themselves in the perfect position to dominate a defensive heavy draft. With a few more key additions (primarily at the Guard, DE, CB and S positions), the team could find themselves ready to take the best player available or trade down in the first round of the NFL Draft. 

By adding these key skill players at positions of need, the Dolphins are giving themselves something incredibly valuable in the NFL Draft: flexibility. They can field all offers on the table, consider trade offers that will almost certainly arise on the first night of the Draft, or have their pick of a number of different players at different positions. 

What this means is that the Dolphins are less likely to reach, and more likely to land a star prospect who can play immediately and help this team work closer to Anthony Fasano and the entire organization´s goal from this season forward. 

Bringing a championship back home to Miami.


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