There were certainly a lot of questions for Coach Dave Wannstedt the day after the Dolphins' disappointing 21-20 loss to Houston in the 2003 season opener. Most of them centered around what happened to the Dolphins and what can be done to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Throughout his day-after-the-game press conference,Wannstedt refused to lash out at his players, saying he still believes in his team.

"We've got to get back to work, there are areas where we need to get better at, and those will be addressed," Wannstedt said. "We'll get after it."

Wannstedt didn't plan to dwell on the Houston loss beyond showing players film of the game and correcting the mistakes that were made.

Particularly troubling for Wannstedt was a ridiculous amount of penalties, the most costly of which was a holding penalty on tight end Randy McMichael that negated a 48-yard run by Ricky Williams.

As we have mentioned before, McMichael deserves a break on that one because it was a marginal call at best. But there also were way too many false start penalties, including two on the Dolphins' next-to-last offensive series when they were trying to get a couple of first downs to run out the clock with the lead.

"It was very disappointing, but you don't dwell on why as much as what we're going to do about it," Wannstedt said. "We'll get those things corrected and they are correctable. It's important for us to move on.

"Nothing has changed in my mind how I feel about this football team."

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