The Dolphins defense didn't make a whole lot of plays during Sunday's season-opening loss to Houston, and it also was disappointing in another aspect: tackling.

That absolutely will have to be rectified or it's going to be a very long season. Houston put up almost 400 yards of offense, so just think what other teams might do if that's not corrected.

Coach Dave Wannstedt said he was very disappointed in the team's tackling against the Texans, and there were a couple of glaring examples.

One was Zach Thomas letting running back Domanick Davis run right through one of his tackles. The most obvious one clearly was the 78-yard touchdown pass from David Carr to Corey Bradford where Patrick Surtain took the wrong angle going for the pick and Sammy Knight totally missed the tackle after coming up from the deep secondary.

Houston made it a point to neutralize the Dolphins pass rush by getting rid of the ball quickly and throwing short, and you can expect other opponents to follow suit.

That puts a premium on tackling because those short plays won't hurt the Dolphins that much if the gains are kept short.

Most Dolphins defensive players said the problems against Houston were part of having new teammates having to getting adjusted to each other, but wasn't that was the preseason was for?

OK, we'll cut them some slack and accept that it might have been a factor. But, as we said before, that needs to corrected. And quickly.

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