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Miami Dolphins 2017 NFL Draft Common Thread: Value

The Miami Dolphins blended a BPA mentality with need in the 2017 NFL Draft.

There have been mixed reviews surrounding the Miami Dolphins draft selections in last weekend's 2017 NFL Draft. 

Some (both analysts and fans alike) are disappointed that the team didn't dress needs like safety, or failed to address another needs until later in the draft. 

Others are upset with the players selected, regardless of where they were chose. This includes mostly Charles Harris and Raekwon McMillan. Despite picking McMillan in the second round (after he was projected much higher, even in the 1st by some analysts), people were still outraged that the Dolphins selected Harris with Reuben Foster still on the board. 

Even now that we know all of the problems surrounding Foster, including a shoulder injury that could sideline him at the start of the 2017 season, many are still questioning that decision.

For me, it is clear what the Dolphins are trying to build. There is a common thread to each of their picks in this year's draft. Each pick is an "Alpha Male" (think Jarvis Landry), who loves football and who will put football above everything else. 

What came with each of these Alpha Male picks this year is tremendous value. By value, I am throwing out all other draft projections and mocks other than the Miami Dolphins big board. 

Because that, when it comes down to it, is the only board and projections that matter. The Dolphins had Charles Harris pegged from the beginning. He was going to be the pick at 22nd almost no matter what, and the Dolphins wasted no time selecting him. For that reason, he was GREAT value for him. Doesn't hurt that he was also considered a Top 15 pick leading up to the draft. 

Same thing with Raekwon McMillan in the 2nd. The Dolphins brass stated that McMillan was their top prospect at any position. And they got him in the 2nd. That is unbelievable value. He will compete for time immediately and we will see him succeed behind a revamped defensive line that includes Ndamukong Suh. More on that in a little. 

Then came the most controversial pick of the draft (which still shocks me that it is even controversial in the first place). The Dolphins selected Cordrea Tankersley with the 97th overall pick in the 3rd round. That's right. A guy mentioned by Miami Herald blogger Armando Salguero as being a potential second round target was available in the third. 

"But cornerback is not a need," thousands of Dolphins fan. 

But it is next year, when Byron Maxwell costs too much money, and is released. That bumps Tankersley, who is exploding with both talent and athletic ability, into the starting lineup. One injury this year and CB becomes a need. 

Great pick by the Miami Dolphins. Another great value on a great alpha male. 

Then there were all the Day 3 picks. 

Why two defensive tackles? Because of their values. Vincent Taylor reminds me a lot of Jordan Phillips. Inconsistent, but with all the talent in the world. If he can become more consistent, which I think he can behind Suh, that is great value. He adds depth. 

Davon Godchaux was also an incredible value. Off the field issues dropped him in the draft, but he had double digit tackles for loss last year at LSU. A great pick for the Dolphins. 

Then there was Isaac Asiata, who will compete for a starting job with Ted Larsen immediately as a rookie. Asiata is a NASTY lineman, with a mean streak. He somehow lasted to the 5th Round. No brainer for the Dolphins. 

Isaiah Ford rounded out the Dolphin draft. On some boards, he was the 4th best WR available. He has phenomenal hands, runs great routes, and was simply too good of a value to pass up in the 7th round. Is he a long shot to make the 53 man roster? Absolutely. But competition is what makes a team better, not to mention the fact that the Dolphins won't be able to keep their big three together forever monetarily speaking. 

In comes Ford, a great value. 

The Dolphins, in my opinion, knocked this draft out of the park, perfectly blending their willingness to take the Best Player Available, as well as fill needs. 


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