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Miami Dolphins Offense Going Up Tempo in 2017?

Could we see the Miami Dolphins go back to an up-tempo Offense in 2017?

After the 1st day of Minicamp for the Miami Dolphins, quarterback Ryan Tannehill explained why the no-huddle offense did not work for the team last season.

“We were able to do it, but we weren’t doing it quickly,” said Tannehill. “And when you don’t do it quickly, you might as well just huddle, and everyone get some time to think about exactly what they have to do.”

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Tannehill, entering his 6th season, also added that the whole point of the no-huddle offense is to keep pressure on the defense and not allow them to substitute linemen in and out, eventually tiring the pass-rush and rendering it ineffective.

During the first handful of games of the Dolphins 2016 season, Adam Gase admitted in postgame press conferences that the offensive players were not on the same page. The most probable reason being only a few months in Adam Gase’ new offensive system.

The Dolphins offense also encountered a major problem that dated back to the beginning of training camp and carried on into the season—the lack of protection. The team dealt with multiple injuries to the offensive line. Center Mike Pouncey endured another injury, left tackle Branden Albert and left guard Laremy Tunsil were banged up, and although backup guards Anthony Steen and Kraig Urbik did a serviceable subbing in for the missing pro-bowl center, they allowed many pressures and sacks during the games against the Patriots, Browns, Bengals, and Titans.

The offense was pedestrian and went through droughts during quarters of games, sometimes halves. But the Dolphins caught their groove in Week 6 after an impressive win against the Steelers, and from that day forward, became efficient and shown many flashes of excitement.

Now Ryan Tannehill and the rest of the offense are entering their 2nd season in the Gase system, and most of the players who were part of the 1st season are returning along with upgrades at tight end like Julius Thomas and Anthony Fasano. The offensive line is still a work in progress but is expected to be better due to their play in the 2nd half of the regular season (only allowing 30 sacks), and newcomer linemen in Ted Larsen and 5th-round draftee Isaac Asiata. .

Head coach Adam Gase told the media today that he hopes to change the slow start the offense had last season by bringing back the up-tempo offense. It should work after seeing Tannehill’s growth, efficiency, and consistency before befalling a knee injury in the home game against the Arizona Cardinals. Gase elaborated on the quarterback’s growth after practice.

“He’s gotten better throughout the entire offseason process,” said Gase. “You can see he’s more comfortable with what we’re doing. He has a really good grasp of every little detail that we are trying to fine-tune.”

The head coach also hinted on a possible siting of seeing the team’s starting quarterback call audibles this season.

“When you start being able to put your own spin on how you see things, you have the ability to change plays at the line of scrimmage, when you feel really great of where you are in the offense, you have a lot of confidence to make those adjustments before the ball’s actually snapped.”

However, if the Dolphins are struggling with the up-tempo/no-huddle again, Gase said he is willing to slow it back down. 


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