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Quarterback Jay Fiedler


ÒDuring the final drive, we kknew that we had no timeouts, we knew that we had to get a couple of big plays in there and get the ball out of bo0unds at times as well, and we were able to do that. The first one to Dedrick was one that we had talked about earlier in the game getting to with the coverages that they were giving. The one th Chris (Chambers), he made a great play seeing me scramble out and coming back to the ball. He was actually on a go route on that one and he adjusted by seeing me scramble out. Those two plays really got chunks of yardage out there that allowed us to get a couple of the other short plays going.


ÒIt doesnÕt get any better. I knew that a lot of that game was riding on me with the two interceptions in the second half. I wanted to go out there and redeem myself. I knew the team had my back and I knew we were all going to come together and fight all the way. Whether we were going to win or not it was going to be a total team effort. It took a lot of guys out there on the final drive to get it done.


ÒIt was really confident. We had run two minute drills all spring, training camp and all the way up. We actually had a great two-minute drill in practice on Thursday where we took it down without a timeout against our own defense and scored. The key is to get it going early and we hit some plays early on and got the ball moving and got the momentum going and thatÕs where the confidence keeps building up.Ó


ÒThatÕs a play that we have prepared for a two-point play, kind of our last desperation play to win a game on the two-yard line. We have a lot of different options on it to all different guys. Hunter Goodwin was there in the end zone, he was kind of hidden behind a player and I tried looking for him. I gave him a little pump fake and got the defender biting a little bit and I just saw that patch of green grass in front of me and I knew that I had it.Ó


ÒStart off by saying that we know what an outstanding football team the Oakland Raiders are. coming into this thing, I kidded our local media on Friday when they asked what the objective was. I said to kick a field goal with no time left. That was kind of the mindset coming in htere. Our defense was just phenomenal. It was as good a defensive performance as I have been around. from the standpoint that you hold that team and keep them out of the end zone and donÕt give up a touchdown. At the end of the game, we had the fourth and three or fourth and four and we have to decide whether to go for it or not. We basically told the defensive guys that we have two timeouts left and IÕm throwing this back on you guys.

ÒIf we are going to win this thiing, you have got to stop them and then the offense responds and takes it 80 yards and just another courageous effort by Jay Fiedler. You are not going to beat an outstanding team losing the turnover battle as we did today. You have got to compliment Jay for that last drive and for his courage and toughness. Just an outstanding performance. We are 2-0, I know that it is early in the season, but we beat two division champs from a year ago. I thought that our coaches and players just laid it on the line and really gave everybody a chance to see what high character and great desire to win will do for you.Ó


ÒThey have two great receivers and our dfensive line put some pressure on Gannon and didnÕt give him enought time to sit back there and deliver passes to those guys outside. They had to go to the guys outsidde. Me and Pat (Surtain) did a great job.

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