The Dolphins wanted to be less predictable on defense, so they threw in more zone coverage in their defensive package this season. Well, let's just say the growing pains so far have been brutal.

Simply put, the Dolphins have been pretty brutal against the pass so far this season.

The Dolphins gave up the long touchdown pass to Corey Bradford in the opener against Houston, then were torched for over 350 yards by ancient Vinny Testaverde.

That does not bode well heading into Sunday's matchup against Drew Bledsoe, Eric Moulds and the high-flying Buffalo Bills.

The Dolphins will enter that game ranked dead last in the NFL in pass defense. That's not good.

Sure, the fact the Dolphins led the entire game against the Jets skewed those stats a little bit, and Houston didn't do that much besides the long touchdown pass, but still ...

You see Dolphins defensive backs give up more cushion than anyone can remember. You see Patrick Surtain, Brock Marion, Sammy Knight, you name it, missing tackles.

That's just not going to cut it.

Sure, the Dolphins need to throw different looks at opposing offenses, but press coverage is what the Dolphins do best, and that's what they should do most of the time.

It appeared in the first two games the Dolphins were in a zone quite frequently, and with less than desirable results.

There's bound to be an adjustment period with a new style of defense and with a few key new faces on defense, but the Dolphins need to get it in gear soon. How about this Sunday?

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