There are a few reasons the Dolphins went 0-2 against the Buffalo Bills last season, the most obvious being the nine turnovers they committed in the two games. But it goes beyond that.

Another major reason was the Dolphins' inability to contain Bills running back Travis Henry, and that absolutely, positively has to change Sunday night if the Dolphins hope to beat Buffalo and gain a tie atop the AFC East.

Henry rushed for over 130 yards in each of the two meetings last season, beating the Dolphins to the corner on more than one occasion.

The Dolphins have given up only three 100-yard rushing games to an opponent since the start of the 2002 season, and Henry has two of them.

Defensive coordinator Jim Bates said the Dolphins have to "clean up" their run defense against Henry, which is a clear understatement.

The Dolphins are hoping the addition of Junior Seau will give them the ability to stop Henry from getting around the corner.

As defensive tackle Larry Chester said, "Now we have guys who are fast enough to cover those edges. Now we'll see what tricks he'll pull out."

Whatever it is Henry comes up with, the Dolphins have to be prepared.

They did a splendid job against the Jets' Curtis Martin last Sunday and that helped them to win despite the fact Vinny Testaverde threw for over 360 yards.

They know they have to have another good day on run defense to make Drew Bledsoe one-dimensional. That is job No. 1 on defense.

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