It's great that Chris Chambers is off to such a fabulous start, but the Dolphins are going to need their other receivers to step up and Sunday night would be a good time to start.

Both Derrius Thompson and James McKnight have been very quiet in the first two games. It would make sense that the Bills will game-plan to take away Chambers as much as possible on Sunday night, which means there should be opportunities for not only McKnight and Thompson, but tight end Randy McMichael and fullback Rob Konrad as well.

And let's not forget about Ricky Williams, either, although his main role is and always will be carrying the load in the running game.

When asked if he was concerned about the lack of production from his wide receivers not named Chambers, Coach Dave Wannstedt said: "It's not a concern. If I didn't think the other guys were capable, it would be a concern. If I was concerned about throwing the ball to the other guys, that would be a concern. Before this thing is over, everybody is going to have plenty of opportunities and everybody is going to have a lot of catches."

We're not sure about the lot of catches part, but it's clear the Dolphins will need Thompson and McKnight at some point, and that could come Sunday night.

Of course, it might not matter if Williams has another monster game running the ball like he did last December at Ralph Wilson Stadium. But you somehow get the feeling the Bills will do whatever is necessary to not let that happen again.

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