After three games, Ricky Williams is on pace to smash the NFL record for most rushing attempts in a season. Great, an NFL record! Or is it?

At this rate, Williams will carry the ball 496 times this season, which is 86 more than Jamal Anderson did when he set the league mark with 410 rushing attempts in 1998.

It didn't hurt Atlanta's team that season because the Falcons went to the Super Bowl.

But let's face it, it's a dangerous game to play. The risk of wearing out your best player must be weighed on a weekly basis.

Williams is coming off two games when he carried the ball 34 times against the Jets and then a team-record 42 times in Sunday night's victory over Buffalo.

The Dolphins obviously need Williams, but at some point it's going to become too much and Williams is going to run out of gas or, worse, break down and get injured.

If that happens, look out because the Dolphins will be in big trouble.

Travis Minor showed against the Jets he can do the job when called upon, so the Dolphins need to use him.

Coach Dave Wannstedt relayed that Williams never wants to come out of the game, but that's just too bad for Williams. It shouldn't be his choice.

He's too valuable to the Dolphins for them to overuse him. Take him out at times in the early part of the game, whether he likes it or not.

Williams will be better for it in the long run, and so will the Dolphins.

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