Jay Fiedler has given the Dolphins big scares after being hit while scrambling in each of the first two games, but don't look for him to stop running because of that.

In last Sunday's game against the Raiders, Fiedler was whacked after scrambling late in the fourth quarter and was knocked woozy.

Wide receiver James McKnight, in fact, signaled to the sideline to get Fiedler out of the game, but the quarterback insisted he was OK. Fiedler's next pass, on third down, fell way short of the intended receiver.

Fiedler's condition played a part in the Dolphins' decision to punt with 2:32 left.

Fiedler said Wednesday that he felt great physically the day after the Oakland game, which he won with a 2-yard touchdown run with five seconds left.

In the opener against Tennessee, Fiedler was sandwiched by two defenders on a scramble, and a defensive tackle hit him in the facemask with his elbow at the end of the play for good measure.

Fiedler got up from the play and wasn't hurt.

But given Fiedler's injury problems of last season, there is reason for concern.

But Wannstedt said Fiedler simply has to run to be effective.

"You there there are a lot of advantages," Wannstedt said. "Without his athletic ability on that last drive (against Oakland), I don't know if we would have won the thing. His ability to get out of the pocket and move around is an important part of Jay having success.

"He has to do those things, otherwise he becomes just an average guy.

-- Speaking of Fiedler, he is on the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated. The quarterback didn't think it was a major deal or that it validated him as an NFL quarterback.

"I don't think making the cover of SI means you've arrived as a quarterback," he said. "I thought I arrived last year when I got to be the starter. It's nothing to bet too excited over."

Fiedler said it would be exciting for his family; he said his father probably would buy all the copies available in his hometown in New York.

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