It doesn't take a genius to realize the Dolphins passing game is struggling — badly — right now. The bigger question is what to do about it. The answer is not easy, although we do have one suggestion.

Get Randy McMichael the ball more often.

The guy simply is too good to have only two catches in a game, the way he did in Sunday's 24-10 victory over Jacksonville.

Sure, McMichael missed a chance at a third catch when he failed to come down with a slightly overthrown pass over the middle in the fourth quarter.

But the bottom line is the Dolphins simply must make it a priority for McMichael to be heavily involved because he is that good a weapon.

In fact, look at the Dolphins' offensive personnel and after Ricky Williams it's clear that McMichael is the second-best player when it comes to his talent relative to other NFL players at his position.

Think about it, how many tight ends are more dangerous than Randy McMichael? Jeremy Shockey is one. Tony Gonzalez probably is another.

After that? Well ...

McMichael not only has the ability to get down the field, he also has been breaking tackles like crazy the last few weeks.

Yes, opposing defenses are going to pay him a lot of attention, but there are ways around that. Ricky Williams is and always will be the key guy on offense, but getting McMichael the ball is essential to help the Dolphins get out of their offensive funk.

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