The Dolphins couldn't hide their disappointment after Sunday's overtime loss to New England, but Coach Dave Wannstedt was trying to look at the bright side the day after the game.

"I compare it to where we were the last few years," Wannstedt said. "We're 4-2, but overall as a football team I think we're a better team today than what we were the last couple of years.

"The reason is we're a lot more consistent on defense."

Wannstedt refused to pin the loss on kicker Olindo Mare, who had a 35-yard field goal attempt blocked late in regulation and then missed another 35-yard attempt in overtime.

Mare refused to speak to reporters after leaving the locker room in record-speed fashion Sunday. But his coach stood up for him on Monday.

"It's going to come down to a field goal again at some point this season, and I've got all the confidence in the world he's going to make those kicks," Wannstedt said. "Olindo has been excellent in that range. We're going to be fine there."

Among other topics Wannstedt touched upon:

-- Both quarterback Jay Fiedler (knee) and defensive tackle Larry Chester (shoulder) had MRIs on Monday, with Wannstedt saying their status would be discussed further on Wednesday.

-- Wannstedt said there was a breakdown on defense on New England's first touchdown, a pass from Tom Brady to David Patten.

Although no one was mentioned by name, replays showed safety Arturo Freeman reacting late to Patten running by him and turning around to try to catch up to him.

-- Despite the fact the Dolphins have not gotten a long return on punts or kickoffs, Wannstedt said he thought Charlie Rogers was doing a good job and indicated he wasn't ready to make a change back there.

-- The third-down draw that Ricky Williams ran right before New England blocked Olindo Mare's field goal attempt late in regulation was run because of the coverage the Patriots were playing on the play. The call was for the Dolphins to throw a fade route if New England had tight coverage, but that was changed because the Patriots were playing off the receivers.

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