In light of his knee injury and the possibility of Brian Griese starting Monday Jay Fiedler was asked about a potential quarterback controversy. His answer was that it's been no different since he took over as Dolphins quarterback in 2000.

But the truth is that Fiedler's hold on the starting job probably has never been more shaky, and his knee injury just might be the door the Dolphins needed to get Griese in the starting lineup.

It's not something the Dolphins ever would say, and Coach Dave Wannstedt called "totally false" suggestions there was some sort of conspiracy to get Griese into the starting lineup.

But the truth is the Dolphins offense has been playing poorly for several weeks, and Fiedler certainly has been among those not playing well.

At this point, maybe the offense needs some kind of jolt to get going and Griese starting at quarterback just might be it.

Then what happens if Griese does start against San Diego and plays well?

It would be next to impossible at that point to remove him and go back to Fiedler, even though Wannstedt has been adamant about his support for the man for a long time.

So, in essence, this just might be a good break for the Dolphins because they get to see what Griese can do if Fiedler is deemed not healthy enough to play.

Wannstedt said Wednesday he would be the one to make that determination, which gives him a lot of leeway to make a change based on performance but declare it based on the fact that Fiedler is not 100 percent healthy.

Because, let's face it, Fiedler will not be 100 percent healthy, Monday night even if the Dolphins decide to go with him.

So this is the time to make a move. If Wannstedt goes with Fiedler, that's almost an indication that he will sink or swim with him no matter what.

But isn't worth seeing what Griese can do? We say yes.

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