Coach Dave Wannstedt has said he will announce his starting quarterback for the Indianapolis game on Wednesday, but there really shouldn't be that much suspense because the choice is pretty clear.

It's very simple. Unless Brian Griese's thumb is too sore for him to play — which is not the case — then he should start against the Colts.

In fact, he should start until he gets injured or he becomes ineffective.

His performance against the San Diego Chargers dictates that he needs to start, and Wannstedt has absolutely no choice here.

Yes, the Dolphins offense looked totally out of sync in the second half of Monday night's 26-10 victory over San Diego.

But the offense clicked more and looked better in the first half than at any point this season. And, simply put, the defense is playing just too well not to go with Griese.

The problems of the second half, according to Wannstedt, stemmed in large part from the fact the receivers aren't used to the pass getting there that quickly because Griese gets rid of the ball quicker than Jay Fiedler.

Well, those are things that will get fixed up with time.

We have defended Fiedler in this corner on numerous occasions, and we'll still make the argument he was playing as well as just about any quarterback in the entire in the first six games last season, before he was injured against Denver.

But he has never been able to regain that form, either late last season or this season.

He has been way too inconsistent and is making the type of once- or twice-a-game silly mistake that leaves you scratching your head.

The Dolphins really don't need that much from their quarterback, but they simply weren't getting it from Fiedler this season.

Griese delivered on Monday, and the Dolphins need to see where he can take them as they continue to ride their stellar defense.

Wannstedt has been very loyal to Fiedler since making him the starter in 2000, but he has to see the choice is clear. It's gotta be Griese.

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