The Dolphins may not have a full-blown quarterback controversy on their hands at the moment, but they certainly have a very touchy situation, one that could create problems if not handled properly.

The decision already has been made to go with Brian Griese Sunday against Indianapolis, and Coach Dave Wannstedt said the decision was made based on a variety of factors.

He never said — or came close to saying — that Jay Fiedler had lost his starting job, but that's certainly the way it looks from this vantage point.

The trick here is to make sure the quarterback question doesn't divide the locker room and create chemistry problems.

Publicly, at least, the two quarterbacks have said all the right things.

"I've been in Jay's shoes and I know how he feels," Griese said. "He needs to know I'm going to be there for him no matter what happens."

For his part, Fiedler said, "There's no me vs. Brian thing. It's a deal where we're trying to better this team every week. Brian was great through the first five weeks going through film, helping me prepare, and I'll do the same for him.

"I don't think it takes anything away in here. We're not looking at it like it's one teammate vs. another teammate. We're not going to let it be a burden around here. Both Brian and I are going to make sure it doesn't get in the way of anything we do."

Let's face it, this has the potential to get very ugly because a lot of starters in Fiedler's position would create a stink if they didn't get their job back after getting healthy.

Fiedler may not be having a great year, but he can always point to his record as a starter to say he should be in there.

We're guessing here that Griese is this team's quarterback for good. How Fiedler deals with that will be very important.

Fiedler has always struck everyone as the ultimate team player, and it looks like he's going to chance to prove it in the next few weeks.

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