Anyone who has seen the Dolphins play this season knows the offensive line has been less than impressive, but things have reached a new low and the question is whether anything can be done about it.

In the aftermath of Sunday's 23-17 loss to Indianapolis, all the fingers will be pointed at rookie left tackle Wade Smith, who was totally schooled by Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney.

The Dolphins will have taken a look at four veteran offensive tackles from around the league by the end of the day Tuesday, but it remains to be seen whether any of the four is signed and what their role will be.

The Dolphins continue to express confidence in Smith, but it was rather disturbing to see the way he was abused by Freeney, particularly with Tennessee and Jevon Kearse next on the schedule.

To his credit, Smith didn't duck from the media either after the game Sunday or Monday, which was something veteran kicker Olindo Mare did after missing two late field goals in the overtime loss to New England.

Smith just chalked it up to having a bad game and said he wasn't concerned about his job security.

The truth is there is no one on the offensive line who should have any job security because the unit has been brutal all season.

Ricky Williams has gone five games without reaching 100 yards rushing and he's averaging a paltry 3.4 yards per carry.

And a lot of the blame goes to the offensive line, which also hasn't done a great job in pass protection.

Jay Fiedler's mobility can make some of those deficiencies, but the pass-protection woes were exposed with Brian Griese at quarterback against the Colts.

The Dolphins have rotating players on the offensive line throughout the season, first with Seth McKinney spelling Tim Ruddy and against the Colts with McKinney going in for left guard Jamie Nails for a few series.

Maybe the time has come for the Dolphins to go with one line and stick with it. You always hear offensive lineman and offensive line coaches talk about the importance of continuity; well, it's difficult to achieve that when you're rotating players.

Make a call on McKinney one way or the other. If he's good enough that the Dolphins feel he absolutely must get playing time, then put him in the starting lineup. If not, then let him sit until someone gets hurt.

That's one solution, but unfortunately it's not going to solve all the line's problems. At this point in the season, what the Dolphins have on the line will be it.

It's up to all those guys up front to play better, from McKinney to Ruddy to Nails to Smith to Todd Perry to Todd Wade.

If they don't, it doesn't matter who plays quarterback or how well the defense plays, the Dolphins won't go anywhere.

And it would be a shame to waste what could potentially be a really good season.

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