The Dolphins offense needs to do something, that's pretty obvious. But what? How about trying using some different guys because the ones who have been playing in recent weeks obviously have not gotten it done.

Start at the quarterback position, where it has become evident that Brian Griese can't function very well behind an offensive line that is struggling.

So put Jay Fiedler back in if he's healthy enough to play Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens.

That's a start right there. Fiedler may not be a great passer (I know, no kidding!), but he can make things happen if the protection breaks down, which is happening a lot these days.

You can also look for a change along the offensive line, with Seth McKinney a strong candidate to get playing time. It possibly could happen at center if Tim Ruddy's knee injury forces him to miss time. Or it could happen at left guard, where Jamie Nails simply hasn't been the same as last year. Or it could happen at right guard, where Todd Perry also isn't blowing anybody away.

Then you have wide receiver, where you can look for more playing time for Kendall Newson and less for disappointing Derrius Thompson.

Now, will all these changes — if they occur — make a big difference? Unfortunately, we don't think so, particularly Sunday against a very, very good Baltimore defense.

But the sad truth is the Dolphins have to try something because it ain't working right now.

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