It was great that the Dolphins got back in the win column Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, but it clearly had the look of a temporary reprieve instead of the start of something big.

The Dolphins beat a Baltimore team that looked awfully similar to them, meaning good running back, great defense, no passing game.

But anyone who saw the 9-6 overtime victory probably came away with the impression it wouldn't have mattered who the Dolphins faced Sunday, they wouldn't have done anything offensively.

And playing against a better team, the Dolphins just might have lost.

Sure, there was a lot of wind at Pro Player Stadium on Sunday, but that doesn't account for all the problems in the passing game.

And the sad truth right now is the Dolphins can't beat a good team the way their offense is performing.

Not Dallas. Not New England. Not Philadelphia.

In case you're wondering, those are three of the next four opponents.

Coach Dave Wannstedt acknowledged on Monday that the Dolphins are very unsettled at the starting wide receiver position opposite Chris Chambers, and that's not a good sign after 10 games.

On top of that, the Dolphins — publicly at least — refuse to consider the possibility of bringing back Oronde Gadsden, who certainly couldn't hurt right now.

Brian Griese clearly hasn't been the solution at quarterback, so you can only hope that Jay Fiedler gives the offense a spark when he returns to action.

Remember, that's the same Jay Fiedler so many fans have dumped on from the time he took over at quarterback for Dan Marino.

Dolphins players had the day off on Monday, with Wannstedt saying he wanted them to take a break mentally.

When they get back to work on Wednesday, it's again time for the offense to try to get better.

That hasn't changed, even if the result changed against Baltimore.

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