Now that Oronde Gadsden has rejoined the Dolphins, the big question is when Gadsden can start helping out a struggling offense and how much he will play Sunday, if at all.

Gadsden's first practice certainly was encouraging.

Wide receivers coach Robert Ford said Gadsden caught everything thrown his way, including a catch on a ball thrown behind him that had his teammates going "wooo."

Ford also mentioned that Gadsden impressed with his knowledge and retainment of the offense.

"He just lined up and went through the shifts like he's been here all year," Ford said.

Ford said the biggest test for Gadsden right now is finding out if he's ready to take a hit. The Dolphins were in a similar situation last year when they signed veteran Cris Carter midway through the season, and Ford said Carter was used too much in his first game back.

It's a mistake the Dolphins don't plan on repeating with Gadsden.

We can tell you that Gadsden looks much slimmer than he did in training camp when he was clearly overweight. In fact, Ford said this is the smallest he has seen Gadsden in about four years.

Gadsden, who signed a contract for the remainder of the season on Wednesday, said he wasn't going to "rock the boat" about pushing to play Sunday.

From his vantage point, he's just happy to be back with the Dolphins.

"I want to be part of this team," he said. "The first thing I think they tell you when you come in as a rookie is 'never take it personally.' I haven't.

"I'm just here to help and do what I can to reach our goal, which is the Super Bowl. I want to be here and I deserve to be here, so I'm happy about being here."

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