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Coach Dave Wannstedt was going to show his players an edited video of last year's 40-37 overtime loss against the Jets at Giants Stadium until he changed his mind.<P> "I walked into the team meeting and threw it in the trash," Wannstedt said. "Who are we kidding? These guys don't need to be reminded of that crap.<P>

"That's last year and it doesn't mean anything. All that matters is what we do this Sunday and these guys know that. And I really thought after thinking about it, why bring up a negative? Right now we're playing good football, we've got a good football team, we know that. We know the job we've got ahead of us, so let's go do it."

The Dolphins knew they would be asked this week about last year's loss to the Jets — as well as the six-game losing streak against the bitter AFC East rivals.

That doesn't mean they're not tired of it.

"It's really not a thought when it comes down to it," said quarterback Jay Fiedler. "It's something we're just kind of sick of hearing about. Each game is different. This is a whole new ballgame. Those games the previous three years have no bearing on what happens Sunday."

Backup quarterback Ray Lucas was on the other end of the streak as a member of the Jets the last three years, but he, too, says there's no such thing as a jinx.

Rather, he pointed out that the Jets won the turnover battle in all six of the teams' meetings the last three years.

Said Wannstedt: "The truth of the matter is — and I know from a media standpoint you'd like to think somebody's got your number of you're jinxed — but the reason they beat us the last six times is because they played better than we have. They blocked better. They tackled better. Even though from a fan's perspective that sounds awful boring, it really is the truth. I wish there was a secret or some magic potion, but there's really not."

As for Sunday's game, Wannstedt said he wanted his players to focus on practice this week and not beating the Jets.

Wannstedt pointed out that a problem that surfaced the week leading up to the St. Louis game was that his players were too excited about playing the game and didn't take care of their business preparing for it.

In terms of motivating his players, Wannstedt probably will never have it so easy, which is partly why he didn't bother with the video of last year's game.

"We know that it's a division game, we know that it's a road game, we know that if we don't win the game they jump ahead of us in first place in the division; what more motivation do you need?" Wannstedt said. "We're playing on national TV, we're the big game, the 4 o'clock game. There's more than enough motivation. You don't need any tricks."

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