After the Dolphins re-signed Oronde Gadsden this week, Coach Dave Wannstedt talked in very modest terms about what Gadsden could do for the offense, saying, among other things, the wide receiver could make a few plays here and there.

That would make it a few plays more than the Dolphins have gotten from their other wide receivers this season.

The message: Get Gadsden in the lineup and on the field as soon as possible.

There has been no definitive word as to whether Gadsden will play Sunday against Washington, although we seem to think it's pretty obvious he will.

We say Gadsden should be given as big of a work load as he can handle without jeoardizing his health.

That's how desperate things are on offense for the Dolphins.

Let's no kid ourselves: the receiving corps has been a disaster.

Chris Chambers has had his moments, so no gripe with him. But outside of that. Derrius Thompson has been a bust, James McKnight still isn't reliable, Kendall Newson might have speed and potential but he drops an awful lot of passes, and Sam Simmons and J.R. Tolver obviously aren't ready yet if they can't get playing time on an underachieving receiver corps.

So that brings us to Gadsden. Even if all he does is make four or five catches on third down, that's four or five more first downs the Dolphins might not get otherwise.

Gadsden catches the ball, plain and simple. And he usually finds a way to get open on short routes.

That's worth something, certainly a lot more than Wannstedt's comments would indicate.

That's why Gadsden will make a big impact on the offense and why he'll be starting before too long.

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