This year marks the 10th-year anniversary of the Dolphins' improbable 16-14 victory at Dallas on Thanksgiving Day. Asking for that kind of miraculous and wild finish is probably a little unrealistic, but the Dolphins, a victory of any kind would do. Here's how we see the game unfolding.

With two very good defenses facing each other, it makes sense that this would be a very low-scoring game.

After all, the Cowboys are ranked first in the NFL in total defense and the Dolphins have shown they can shut down offenses, even though their overall ranking is only 11th.

This should be a game where points at a premium and mistakes could determine the outcome.

That means the Dolphins need Jay Fiedler to play error-free football. No one really expects the Dolphins to suddenly start clicking on all cylinders just because the Dolphins scored twice in the fourth quarter against Washington.

But at least the Dolphins now have the ability to make plays if the pass protection can't hold.

That figures to happen a bit against a Cowboys defense that has been very good at rushing the passer this season, mostly because of some well-disguised blitzing.

Look for Fiedler to make one or two big plays after scrambling out of the pocket.

Ricky Williams went over 100 yards against Washington, but we don't see that happening against Dallas.

The truth is, the Dolphins offense is going to have to scramble for everything it gets.

On the flip side, the Cowboys offense — while a lot more productive than anyone could have imagined — still is not a juggernaut.

It's difficult to envision Troy Hambrick having much success against the Dolphins' run defense and Quincy Carter certainly has bouts of inaccuracy.

What the Cowboys do have are some receivers capable of producing big plays, such as Joey Galloway, Terry Glenn and Antonio Bryant.

That, however, puts the onus of the strength of the Dolphins defense, the cornerbacks.

We see the Dolphins shutting down the Dallas offense pretty well.

On special teams, we'll give Olindo Mare the edge over Billy Cundiff even though Mare has not had a great year.

But it will get better in this one as he kick a huge game-winning field goal.

The call: Dolphins 16, Cowboys 13.

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