Dolphins coaches and scouts are in Mobile, Ala., this week to watch and evaluate top college prospects who will be competing in the Senior Bowl next weekend. Oh, we should mention Dan Marino is down there as well. And you can rest assured that everyone, Marino first, is looking at the quarterbacks very closely.

That obviously is a big priority for the Dolphins after Jay Fiedler's very inconsistent 2003 season. It's highly unlikely Fiedler will be back in 2003, even though he says he'd like to stay.

His salary is too high for his contributions and the Dolphins clearly need an upgrade there.

Then there's Brian Griese who definitely isn't coming back.

OK, we know that. What is there to see this week in Mobile. Well, the two guys who could be there when the Dolphins pick 20th overall in late April are N.C. State's Philip Rivers and Tulane's J.P. Losman.

A lot of people seem enamored with Rivers because he was such a productive quarterback in college. But from this vantage point, there's just something about the guy we don't like.

Maybe it's his awkward delivery. Believe us if you haven't seem him play, it's very awkward, coming from the side.

His downfield accuracy also isn't that great, although he does have great football acumen and he's a very good short passer.

As for Losman, he might be more physically gifted than Rivers but he's not nearly as polished.

So even if it comes to pass that the Dolphins pick one of those two in the first round come April, don't expect either to come in and save the day.

That needs to be done by a veteran, whether it be Mark Brunell, Kurt Warner, Jeff Garcia or Jon Kitna.

All four are under contract right now, but all four could wind up being released or traded. Brunell certainly will be let go by Jacksonville, and the Dolphins won't be the only team interested in his services.

The status of the other three is up in the air. They could be back with their team or they could become available.

The free agent market offers practically nothing other than Peyton Manning, and you know the Colts aren't going to let anywhere near the free agent market.

That means the Dolphins better focus in on Brunell and go after him hard.

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