With the Dolphins having started working on changes in preparation for the 2004 season, we take a look back at their just-completed season and examine every player's performance. Today we look at punter Matt Turk.

Coming into the 2003 season:

After having spent the 2002 season with the New York Jets, Turk was out of work even at the start of the 2003 season. But that changed when the Dolphins decided they'd had enough of the inconsistency of Mark Royals and brought back Turk for a second stint with the team.

His performance in 2003:

To the naked eye, Turk was a clear improvement over Royals, who really struggled in the first couple of games before the Dolphins let him go. But the truth is that Turk finished with lower gross and net punting averages than Royals did during his three games with the team. Royals even had a better ratio of punts inside the 20 to touchbacks than Turk did. So that says that either everyone was too tough on Royals or that Turk might have looked better than Royals but wasn't any more effective.

His future with the team:

Turk entered the offseason as an unrestricted free agent and his return will depend on how greedy he gets in his contract demands. After his performance last season, Turk isn't in a position to demand big bucks because he's not going to get it from anybody. Even if they re-sign Turk, the Dolphins probably will be looking to bring someone else of significance to challenge him in training camp.

Grade for 2003: D+.

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