Things are happening in rapid-fire sequence as free agency hits full stride. But here's some insights on where the Dolphins stand in Day 2.

• Don't be confused because the Dolphins have renegotiated Jay Fiedler's contract. The starting quarterback job is now A.J. Feeley's to lose. There is no way the Dolphins give up a second round draft pick to the Eagles and a $3 million signing bonus to Feeley if they don't expect him to be behind center on opening day.

Fiedler has been brought back as an insurance policy. After surveying the market, Fiedler realized that he had no guarantees anywhere else. His relationship with Dave Wannstedt and the team's inclination to guarantee at least part of his contract was enough to bring Fiedler back.

• The Dolphins hope to have two offensive linemen signed before the end of the week. Tops on their wish list are Kansas City's massive tackle John Tait and New England guard Damien Woody. The Chiefs would have the option of matching an offer by the Dolphins, but the Dolphins plan on making the number so huge that the Chiefs will have little choice but to let Tait go. Woody will also get a mega contract offer.

• If either or both of those fall through, the Dolphins have a well-detailed next group to choose from: players such as Jemo James, Cosey Coleman and Bobbie Williams.

• The Dolphins aren't commenting on rumors of a possible mega trade with Minnesota for Randy Moss, but where there's smoke, there is usually fire. The Vikings want three starters and probably a No. 1 pick for Moss. While that may seem absurd to some, you're talking about the best receiver in football. I'd love the Dolphins to go for Moss. That would make Feeley a much better quarterback right away.

• Look for the Dolphins to sign a cornerback in free agency before the end of the week. San Francisco's Jason Webster was the first in town and they plan on talking to several others. A signing could mean the end of Sam Madison tenure with the Dolphins or open up the chance of a trade.

• It may not happen for a few weeks but I still believe if someone makes an offer for restricted free agent Adewale Ogunleye, the Dolphins will take the first- and third-round picks as compensation. Those draft choices are just too valuable.

• The Dolphins are taking an aggressive stance in free agency and that's great to see. We'll know a lot more in the coming days.

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