Free agency really has not gotten off to a great start for the Dolphins. And that's putting it mildly. It's been so bad, in fact, that at least one Miami columnist compared the Dolphins organization to a three-ring circus. Ouch!

Really, there is no arguing just how bad things have been.

Let's recap:

The Dolphins have one marquee free agent, offensive tackle Todd Wade, and he bolts for Houston on the first day of free agency. Not good.

The Dolphins really want guard Damien Woody, but he visits Detroit first and never leaves there before signing with the Lions. If that's not bad enough, Detroit coach Steve Mariucci tells Woody he'd be crazy to sign with the Dolphins considering the coaches won't be there beyond next season. Not good.

The Dolphins' next target along the offensive line is tackle John Tait, but he signs with Chicago instead because his wife doesn't think the South Florida lifestyle is appropriate. Not good.

The Dolphins really want to hang on to free agent Tommy Hendricks, a solid backup and great special teams player, but he leaves for Jacksonville after they give him a $200,000 signing bonus. Not good.

Finally, the Dolphins schedule a press conference to announce the signing of free agent tackle Damion McIntosh but then cancel it after an ankle problem shows up in a physical. Not good.

OK, so you're getting the point that things are not going well.

But here's the kicker. We are still in early March. Don't panic just yet.

Just remember that some of the Dolphins' best moves last offseason came after April. Who's to say things won't get better?

Already, there is a story floating that the Dolphins are interested in trading a third-round pick to San Diego for wide receiver David Boston. Wouldn't that start to make things better?

The bottom line is it's way -- and we mean way -- too early to pass judgment on the Dolphins' offseason work.

Yes, it's been ugly so far, but training camp is still four months away so just postpone the panicking. At least for a little while.

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