The Dolphins have taken a lot of shots this offseason, but things could get better in a hurry if a couple of things pan out in the next few days.

The biggest move, of course, would be the addition of wide receiver David Boston, who is on the trading block.

Boston is said to prefer playing in Miami because he would be reunited with wide receivers coach Jerry Sullivan, under whom he had a lot of success while the two were with the Arizona Cardinals.

The Chargers have a roster payment due on Boston on Monday, and they're looking to avoid making that payment.

The question is whether a team will give San Diego a draft pick before then or just wait until the Chargers release Boston, which is the expected move at this point.

Of course, the Chargers always could change their minds and decide to hang on to Boston, but the word is they don't think he's a good fit for their team.

Getting Boston for something like a third- or fourth-round pick would represent a major coup for the Dolphins, whose need at wide receiver is well document.

The Dolphins also still are in the running for the service of tackle Damion McIntosh, who underwent surgery in Houston on Wednesday.

The issue of a disputed contract apparently is dead, so now it's a matter of agreeing to another deal, this one probably less lucrative being that McIntosh is expected to be on the shelf for about six months.

There are other teams said to be interested in McIntosh, but it would seem the Dolphins have the edge as far as signing him.

Other acquisitions looming include punter Josh Miller, the former Steelers punter who clearly would represent an upgrade over Matt Turk, and fullback Sammy Morris, who would make a nice backup for Rob Konrad.

Should all those moves pan out, the Dolphins' offseason would go from dreary to not so bad pretty quickly.

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