The addition of David Boston may have been the biggest move of the offseason for the Dolphins. He gives them potentially an explosive one-two punch at wide receiver and presents all kinds of possibilities on offense. But just how good can the Dolphins offense become?

The skill positions have been improved over last season with Boston representing a major upgrade over any receiver on last year's roster other than Chambers and A.J. Feeley looking like another upgrade over 2003 disappointment Brian Griese.

The possibilities indeed are intriguing.

If Boston can duplicate his 2001 performance or even just come close to it, the Dolphins suddenly have two wide receivers opponents have to worry about, not just one.

That, in turn, opens up the middle for tight end Randy McMichael, a guy who looks like he should be catching a lot more passes than he has so far.

So the passing game really should be improved because you figure Feeley becomes an improvement over Jay Fiedler or Fiedler himself picks up his game to stave off the challenge of Feeley.

Now the passing game picks up a little bit, and that makes life much easier for Ricky Williams because opponents no longer dare the Dolphins to pass every down.

So Williams maybe starts looking more like the running back of 2002 than the 2003 version who couldn't find any room to run.

Of course, this plan won't work without help from the offensive line, and that's obviously a big concern right now.

The Dolphins are expressing confidence in their free agent signings Jeno James, John St. Clair and Damion McIntosh. But the truth is St. Clair struggled at times in his only season as a starter and McIntosh probably won't be ready to play until mid-October.

The Dolphins have a glaring hole at right guard right now and it's debatable whether St. Clair is the answer at right tackle.

The offensive line clearly has become priority No. 1 for the Dolphins.

If the Dolphins can find some answers there between now and the start of training camp, maybe the offense can finally take a big step forward in 2004.

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