Coach Dave Wannstedt doesn't have to do anything this week to get his players fired up for Sunday's game against the New York Jets, who have beaten Miami seven straight times and who also happen to be in second place in the AFC East.<P>Tight end Hunter Goodwin made the point with an interesting comparison.<P>

"You've got to be an idiot not to realize this isn't the same old date," Goodwin said. "You're going out with Pamela Anderson on this one. You better bring your A game. Be sharp-dressed, get a limo, get some flowers, do whatever you can do.

"He knows it. We know it. If anything, he's trying to tone us down so we don't expend so much emotion and energy early on in the week that we are out of gas at the end. He is smart enough to realize that there isn't any motivation needed.

"He doesn't need to bring a speaker to get us fired up for this one. If you can't get excited about Pamela Anderson, what can you get excited about?"

The Jets have been reminded this week by Coach Herman Edwards of the comments made by Zach Thomas after New York's 21-17 comeback victory over the Dolphins in mid-October.

An obviously frustrated Thomas said then that the Dolphins were a bad team that has just been beaten by another bad team, among other things.

Thomas doesn't see his comments making a difference in Sunday's game one way or the other.

Wannstedt also doesn't think the Jets' seven-game winning streak in the series is relevant, either.

"We're playing a division rival. We're playing for first place in the division. That's all part of it," he said. "The thing that's not part of it is the jinx or the hex. That's not part of it in my mind and the players' minds."

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