Dolphins general manager Rick Spielman often likes to joke about how bad a football player he was. But now that he has final say on the Dolphins' draft, his ability as a talent evaluator will be tested this weekend. And for the sake of the Dolphins' short-term future, he needs to come through.

Spielman was quick to indicate that every decision will be made as an organization, but all fingers will be pointed in his direction if the Dolphins' draft picks this year don't pan out.

Either way, Spielman has looking forward to this weekend for a while.

"It's very exciting," Spielman said. "I've said it a few times, and the best way I know how to put it is some people ask if you feel pressure about this and you feel this and that. I look at it as just like the players on Sunday or the coaches on Sunday.

"On draft day you're getting your opportunity to get thrown into the game and there's more of anticipation and an excitement about being given that opportunity than it is about nervousness or pressure or anything like that.

"I don't think I've ever approached anything where I thought of pressure or nervousness because of pressure on it. It's always been the excitement and the anticipation and getting a chance to play. I didn't get a chance to play and I was just a camp body, so this is kind of better."

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