The Dolphins had to surrender a fourth-round pick to the Minnesota Vikings to move up one slot in the first round, but they felt they had no choice because they simply didn't want to take the chance of missing out on Vernon Carey.

The Vikings spoke with Carey on the phone when their turn on the clock arrived, at which time the Dolphins already had contacted him.

In fact, Carey indicated the Dolphins kept him on hold through three picks. It was clear he was the guy the Dolphins wanted.

GM Rick Spielman said there were three players the Dolphins had targeted and that the other two already had been picked.

Spielman refused to identify the players, but it's obvious one of those was Arkansas offensive tackle Shawn Andrews, who was selected 16th overall by the Philadelphia Eagles after they moved up from No. 28 in a trade with San Francisco.

Given the Dolphins' need for a wide receiver, it would make sense to suggest the other one had to be either Lee Evans, who went 13th overall to the Buffalo Bills, or Michael Clayton, who was selected 15th overall by Tampa Bay.

Regardless, the Dolphins didn't want to lose Carey and word is two other teams — believed to be Dallas and New England — were giving indications they wanted to trade with Minnesota to pick up the University of Miami guard.

"It was a situation where there were some teams that were trying to hop us to get up to Minnesota's pick," Spielman said. "They were on the phone with two other teams that I knew needed offensive linemen, and we weren't going to take the chance of not getting Vernon Carey."

Spielman said there were no receivers of interest to the Dolphins at No. 20 and the thought of moving down in the first round was explored.

"I think there was a possibility, but we were excited that we were able to get what we wanted to get," Spielman said. "I think if there was not a player available at 20 and we weren't able to get Vernon Carey and if it wasn't someone that we didn't want, we had a lot of calls on possibly moving down."

It's now know who talked to the Dolphins about moving down or what they were offering.

It didn't matter in the end because the Dolphins were the ones doing the moving up.

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