Anytime the Dolphins can get on the field these days, it's good news because it takes the attention away from all the off-the-field turmoil that has surrounded the team this offseason. So with that in mind, we offer our highlights and lowlights of the just-completed QB School II.

-- We've said all along that Arturo Freeman was no lock to replace Brock Marion as the starting free safety because of the acquisition of free agent Antuan Edwards. But you might now want to add second-year player Yeremiah Bell to the mix. Bell had another strong showing this week and he continues to draw raves from Coach Dave Wannstedt. And Wannstedt also mentioned that Bell would really show up even more once the team starts hitting this summer.

-- It was good to see linebacker Eddie Moore back on the field practicing for the first time since he sustained a foot injury in last year's preseason opener. Moore certainly looks the part of a typical Dolphins linebacker with the way he moves. With practically no experienced depth behind the starting linebackers, Moore has the opportunity to earn significant playing time with a strong showing this summer.

-- Tackle Wade Smith continues to work despite being less than 100 percent, and that continues to be strange. For one thing, it's not helping him getting totally healthy with his hamstring and for another it can't do much for his confidence to watch Jason Taylor blow by him on a consistent basis.

-- We'd give you an update on the progress of first-round pick Vernon Carey, but because there's no contact in quarterback schools it's almost impossible to gauge how well he's doing.

-- Cornerback Will Poole, on the other hand, looks pretty good. The whole cornerback group, indeed, looks solid with newcomer Reggie Howard looking much better this week than he did during the post-draft minicamp.

-- There really is nobody standing out as the No. 3 receiver behind Chris Chambers and David Boston. Guys like Snoop Minnis, Sam Simmons, Kendall Newson and J.R. Tolver all have their moments, but there is no one who has distanced himself from the pack.

-- Finally, any camp wrap-up would be incomplete without a mention of the quarterbacks, so we'll just tell you that Jay Fiedler continues to look sharper and more decisive than A.J. Feeley. But that's to be expected considering Feeley is learning a new offense and Fiedler has been here since 2000. Sage Rosenfels actually had a very strong week, even though he still realistically has no shot of getting himself into the battle for the starting quarterback job.

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