As the Dolphins prepare for the start of training camp, we take a close position-by-position look at the roster, including a prediction of who will start and make the 53-man squad. Today we look at the defensive line.

The Dolphins' defensive line just might be the most stable position on the team, and there appears to be only question at this spot. But it is a big question.

And that is, of course, will the Dolphins be able to sign Adewale Ogunleye before he starts missing practice time and perhaps even games?

Logic would tell you that a new contract is going to get done at some point, but Ogunleye's demands for a signing bonus similar to those that Grant Wistrom and Jevon Kearse got this offseason (in the neighborhood of $14 million) might make things difficult because those are wild numbers. Ogunleye also has to face the facts that he's not even the best defensive end on his team; that would be Jason Taylor.

But Wale is a terrific player, as he showed last season when he led the AFC with 15 sacks.

With him and Taylor, the Dolphins have a tremendous one-two punch at defensive end, perhaps the best in the league.

There's also good depth at that spot with the likes of Jay Williams, David Bowens and Otis Grigsby.

Should Ogunleye's contract situation become a problem, one of those three would be in line to start. But nobody wants to see it come to that.

The Dolphins also have good depth at defensive tackle, thanks to guys like Tim Bowens, Larry Chester and Jeff Zgonina.

All three are very solid run stoppers, and the Dolphins are hoping Chester can become more of a factor in the pass rush after he lost about 40 pounds in the offseason.

Dario Romero will be the fourth tackle on the active roster, and he has done some good things in very limited playing time.

Nate Bolling and Jerome Stevens are the other two defensive tackles on the roster, and they don't appear to have any shot at making the team.

At end, the other guys on the roster are Josh Mallard, Aaron Hunt, Tony Brown, Ronald Flemons and T.J. Bingham. Of those, Brown has the best chance of landing a spot on the roster.

But we have a hard time seeing him making the team if Ogunleye shows up on time.

From this vantage point, we're thinking the nine defensive linemen on the roster at the start of the season will Ogunleye, Taylor, the two Bowenses, Williams, Chester, Romero, Zgonina and Grigsby.

As for the starters, the Dolphins got good production from this spot last year, so we see no reason they won't again line up with Ogunleye, Taylor, Chester and Tim Bowens.

Next time we'll look at the receivers.

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