The retirement of Ricky Williams would be the perfect opportunity for the Dolphins to open up the offense -- finally! -- but don't hold your breath. Even if it makes sense.

Perhaps it makes too much sense.

Think about it? Who are the Dolphins' best offensive players now? Chris Chambers, David Boston, Randy McMichael.

Absolutely no question about it.

All of them are part of the passing game.

No, the Dolphins don't have a big-time QB on their roster, but all three of those guys can make things happen after the catch.

Even if you don't want to go to a deep passing game, which would be impossible to implement anyway because of the lack of a marquee quarterback, the Dolphins would be well served by passing more often, even if it's short passes to any of those three guys.

Maybe a flanker screen once in a while. Or a short crossing pattern. A short slant. Anything.

The Dolphins might make the argument they were a running team in 2000 when they won the AFC East with Lamar Smith at running back. But their receivers then were Oronde Gadsden and Leslie Shepherd and the tight end was Hunter Goodwin.

Sorry, but that's not even close in talent level to Boston, Chambers and McMichael.

The Dolphins might not be that much worse running the ball this year than they were last season -- seriously -- because Williams' average per carry wasn't very impressive and the offensive line's play can only improve.

But for the offense to finally stop lagging behind the defense, the Dolphins absolutely must make the best use of their best weapons.

And that means Boston, Chambers and McMichael. And that means passing the ball more often.

Even if that goes against Wannstedt's philosophy.

His job may depend on it.

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