Hoping to catch a break

Now that David Boston is gone, the Dolphins pretty much are back to square one with the wide receiver corps. That means Chris Chambers and little else. It would be great if the Dolphins could just snap their fingers and get a top-notch wideout from around the league, but unless they get lucky the Dolphins will need one of the guys already on their roster to come through in a big way.

As of now, Derrius Thompson is listed as the starter opposite Chambers, but is he really someone the Dolphins can count on?

Dolphins coaches keep talking him up as having a great camp, but we're going to tell you that might have more to do with them wanting to build up Thompson's confidence, which he admitted was shaken after last season's disastrous performance.

The truth is Thompson hasn't been overly impressive this summer and to make matters worse he's now being sidelined by a hamstring injury.

The one guy who has stood out the most among "the other guys" at wide receiver is Kendall Newson.

He had an outstanding afternoon practice on Monday and has made plays throughout camp.

But he's a guy who faltered when he had a shot last season. Coach Dave Wannstedt said the coaches have a lot of confidence in Newson. Not exactly shocking news there.

Beyond that, though, nobody has been particulary impressive, whether it be Sam Simmons, J.R. Tolver, Snoop Minnis or newcomer Terrence Wilkins.

The worst part is there's really no reason to feel good about this group. This is where the Dolphins left themselves open to criticism by not drafting a wide receiver even after they made the offseason deal for Boston.

Again, at this point a Rashaun Woods or somebody like that would look a lot better in a Dolphins uniform than Vernon Carey, who's not even lining up with the first team.

Here's one thing we can tell you. Bet that the Dolphins are going to be keeping a close eye on veteran wide receivers who get cut when teams get down to 65 and then 53 players on their active roster.

The Dolphins need help at wideout and they know it.

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