Wale in no-win situation

The Dolphins continue to go through training camp minus Adewale Ogunleye as they continue to see if any team would be willing to make a trade for the unsigned defensive end. In the meantime, Ogunleye continues to work out and hope to get the long-term deal he has been seeking.

But Ogunleye is not in a great bargaining position here.

He received no offer as a restricted free agent this offseason, which left him and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, no other alternative but to negotiate with the Dolphins.

Rosenhaus has mentioned the possibility of Ogunleye holding out and then coming back later in the season to ensure that Ogunleye gets an accrued season, which would make him an unrestricted free agent next spring.

But guess what? The Dolphins could then make Ogunleye their franchise player, which would prevent him from negotiating with any other team.

And now that Chris Chambers has been signed to a five-year contract extension, Ogunleye is the one guy the Dolphins would franchise next spring.

The Dolphins obviously want Ogunleye with them this season, but there are two major factors here.

The first is the Dolphins do have other guys who could fill in at defensive end -- one is David Bowens, who was ahead of Ogunleye in training camp in 2002 before he broke his hand; the other is Jay Williams, who started for Carolina in both 2000 and 2001.

The second is the Dolphins have some major needs on offense, and Ogunleye's pass-rushing ability makes him appealing to a lot of teams.

What the Dolphins can get for Ogunleye isn't the only issue; any team making a deal for Wale probably would want to sign him to a long-term deal first.

So there's an impasse there. There's no major hurry to get anything done because Ogunleye knows the Dolphins defense and he's keeping himself in good shape.

But at some point, somebody is going to have to budge. And it's looking like Ogunleye is the one more likely to have to do that.

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