Yes, it's only preseason, but there was nothing about Saturday's performance against Washington to make anyone feel optimistic in the least about this year's Dolphins. It was, simply put, a pathetic, embarrassing performance.

Some of the numbers, particularly on offense, were staggering.

Try a grand total of 15 yards of offense in the second half. Or 2 yards in the entire fourth quarter when Clint Stoerner was at quarterback.

That, in the grand scheme of things, really is no big deal because Stoerner won't be on the 53-man roster. Of course, one certainly could question why the Dolphins are playing Stoerner instead of Sage Rosenfels in the fourth quarter, but that's the least of the Dolphins' worries at this time.

You want concerns, we've got concerns.

Start with the offensive line, which continues to get manhandled at the line of scrimmage. A week after the starting offensive line helped the Dolphins manage a whopping 12 yards on 11 carries in the first half, this time it was 20 yards on nine carries.

Oh, did we mention that 5 of those yards came on a scramble by quarterback A.J. Feeley after he was flushed out of the pocket.

The Dolphins juggled their offensive line a few days ago, but the starting unit remains less than mediocre at this point.

Behind that line, Travis Minor doesn't have much of a chance, but the truth is Minor is looking totally less than impressive as well.

He is running with no authority, doesn't break tackles and just has the look as a run-of-the-mill running back.

Neither of the quarterbacks, Feeley or Jay Fiedler, shined either against Washington.

Feeley looks somewhat hesitant in the pocket, although he faced a tough Washington blitz.

As for Fiedler, his passing remains inconcistent and he fumbled on a quarterback sneak on fourth-and-1.

Both look right now like very average quarterbacks, and neither is giving the Dolphins coaches any reason to make the decision for a starter a slam dunk.

The wide receiving corps could get a boost if a Marty Booker-for-Adewale Ogunleye goes through, but it's not going to accomplish anything if the quarterbacks don't have enough time to throw or they can't get the ball there.

Defensively, the Dolphins should be fine, but against Washington they gave up way too many rushing yards (181), didn't get pressure on the quarterback and didn't force any turnovers.

You figure the defense will be better than it was Saturday for most of the season, but it will face tremendous pressure if the offense doesn't produce.

And after Saturday's showing, there is legitimate reason to worry about that.

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